The Conejo Valley MTAC branch members and their students of all ages have a variety of branch sponsored performance and educational opportunities to choose from throughout the year.

Evaluated programs are designed to focus on the various compositional styles found in the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, and Contemporary music periods, as well as popular music genres.   Through their performances, students share with the audience their understanding of the performance practices of these musical eras.

Branch honors recitals and Showcase recitals provide additional opportunity for students to perform and share their achievements.

The Young Artist Guild concert inspires our students.  It features an MTAC student who has achieved one of the highest honors in the MTAC’s Certificate of Merit program.

Women Composers Festival

The non-competitive Women Composers Festival celebrates the music of women composers.  All MTAC Conejo Valley students are invited to participate in the celebration.  Participating students will share with the audience a bit about the composer and the composition they will be performing.  Please come and enjoy the wonderful works of women composers.

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Early Level Contemporary Festival

The non-competitive Early Level Contemporary Festival provides beginning through intermediate students the opportunity to perform 20th and 21st-century repertoire in a public recital and before an adjudicator.  To the audience’s delight, these young recitalists, present diverse contemporary repertoire while gaining the experience needed to later compete in the Advanced Contemporary Festival.

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Advanced Contemporary Music Festival

The Conejo Valley MTAC’s Advanced Contemporary Festival was created to encourage the study of classical music composed in the 20th and 21st century and to give the Festival’s gold medal winning students the opportunity to perform in a professional venue-the City of Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, Scherr Forum Theatre.  The Gold Medal performances at the Scherr Forum Theatre display a wide variety of classical contemporary music immersing the student performers and the audience in the sonic worlds of composers from the last century and today.

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Prima Vista Festival

The objective of the Prima Vista Festival is to motivate students of all instruments to improve their sight-reading abilities, as well as, prepare for the sight-reading portion of their Certificate of Merit exam

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Early Level Baroque/Classical Festival

Baroque composers Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi, and Classical composers Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven, among others, composed music for musicians young and old to study and to entertain the audiences of their times.  At the Early Level Baroque/Classical Festival recitals, our branch’s young recitalists perform the music of these eras for an evaluator who critiques their overall performance, including its historical authenticity.   Moreover, the Festival serves as a stepping-stone to the highly competitive Conejo Valley MTAC Junior Bach Festival.

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Individual expression is the hallmark of the Romantic Era, and therefore, its music is ideally suited for the 21st century Internet, where individual expression blossoms.  Festimantic, a YouTube-based competition, features Romantic and Impressionistic music uploaded to YouTube by Conejo Valley MTAC students.  Three international judges evaluate the videos which can be viewed the world over.

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Koolfest MTAC Conejo Valley

Whether a student performs a ragtime as popularized by Scott Joplin’s “Entertainer,” or cool jazz sounds like Paul Desmond’s “Take Five”, or the new age sounds of George Winston, or music from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical spectaculars, or plays a song from the radio hits of “American Top 40 ,”  at Koolfest all forms of “popular” music are celebrated.  Students benefit from a professional critique while entertaining an audience with “popular” music from the past and present.

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Student Showcase Recitals

Student Showcase Recitals allow students to shine and give every student the opportunity to share their musical achievement. “Anything Goes” is the general motto. Entertaining, eclectic programs may feature music from today’s pop standards, jazz, ragtime, traditional classical repertoire, and original compositions showcasing each performer’s musical personality.

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