Our Student Showcase Recitals provide the opportunity for students of all ages and levels to gain experience performing in a more relaxed, non adjudicated recital setting. These recitals may be limited to standard classical and pedagogical repertoire which would feature only music originally composed for the student’s specific instrument or voice.  Other “Showcase” recitals may be offered as an “Anything Goes” theme which would broaden the repertoire styles and include arrangements.  Although a recital may be designated as “Anything Goes”, the student is still required to follow the general branch rules regarding memorization, multiple selections and time limitations.

Entry Requirements:

  • Eligibility: All ages and levels
  • Entry Fee: $5 per student
  • Entry Deadline: 9 days prior to the event
  • Teachers must submit the name, age and approximate CM level for all participating  students.  Complete and accurate titles, composer names and timings of the composition are also due by the entry deadline.
  • Repertoire, memorization, dress code and time limits: the guidelines below shall apply unless advertised otherwise.

Time Limits

Recitals will be scheduled with a maximum of 50 minutes playing time per recital.  Each teacher shall be limited to 30 minutes of playing time, approximately 10 minutes per recital, with a maximum of 10 students per festival date.  (These limitations have been established with the assumption of three recitals per festival date.  In order to create well rounded programs with equal representation, the recital chair has the discretion to limit or expand teacher entries if the number of recitals differ from the standard 3 recital festival.)

Students are limited to 5 minutes of playing time.  The student may exceed the time limit if they are performing a single work, or movement, which is longer than 5 minutes.

Repertoire Requirements/Guidelines

  • Memorization: Piano Solo Repertoire must be memorized in all MTAC Conejo Valley events unless specifically exempted.  All other instrumentalists and vocalists are encouraged to memorize their performance repertoire, though certain exceptions apply to these two groups.  Doubtful situations will be handled on a specific basis by the chair of the program and the board of directors.  Piano Duet teams and all other ensembles may perform while using their music.
  • A student may perform two solo pieces if they are from the same set or suite (i.e., Opus or BWV) and the repertoire does not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Students performing a duet, or in an ensemble, may also play a solo compostion.
  • Repeats should generally be avoided except when it is integral to the form of the composition.

Dress Code

  • GIRLS should be attired in dresses, skirts, or attractive dress slacks.  No denim-type pants, tee shirts or sweats; no tennis shoes, flip flops or other shoes which would impair pedaling; no noisy or distracting jewelry.
  • BOYS should wear dress pants or suits with dress or sport shirt.  No tee shirts, sweats or denim jeans.  Nice shoes should also be worn NO TENNIS SHOES.  Exception: clean black tennis shoes.
  • ALL:  A well-dressed and well-groomed performer shows respect for oneself, the event, their teacher and the audience.

Photography and Videography

Photography is not recommended during the recital.  Camera noise and flash may break the concentration of the student who is performing and is a definite distraction to the audience.  Those who would like to take still pictures are asked to wait until the recital is completed when there will be time available for the student to pose with/at their instrument.  Video recording is permitted during the recital at the back of the church, or performance space, where it will not be a distraction to the audience.  No photography/videography is allowed for any adjudicated events.

Other Recital Expectations

  • TEACHERS will be present and assisting at all recitals where their students are performing unless prior arrangements have been made with the recital chair.  Students should not be entered in the Festival if they are not available to stay for the entire program.
  • STUDENTS will acknowledge the audience applause with a bow at the conclusion of their performance.  After the bow, students will listen attentively for the remainder of the recital program.  This requirement is an act of respect to the students who have been scheduled later in the program and have worked very hard to achieve their position.
  • FAMILIES shall make every effort to be as quiet and attentive as possible through the duration of the recital.  Although many community  events allow quiet conversation, snacking, and liberal entering and exiting, it is not appropriate at a classical concert.  At our church venues, spots are available to take younger siblings where quiet interaction will be less distracting to the audience and performers.


Venue Information

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
1 West Avenida de Los Arboles, Thousand Oaks CA, 91360

There are presently no showcase recitals scheduled.
Please consider participating in our other exciting Festival programs.

The venue is on the corner of Mountclef & Avenida de los Arboles.

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