VOCE Registration Deadline: Sunday, December 15, 2019
VOCE Competition: Sunday, February 23, 2020

The MTAC State VOCE program is a prestigious competition for vocalists, strings, winds/brass, and chamber ensembles. Finalists from the local branches throughout California compete to attend the final round in April. The winners from that round will go on to perform at the State Convention where they can receive cash prizes. In 2020, VOCE participants from our Conejo Valley Branch, MTAC will attend VOCE auditions held at the San Fernando Valley West, MTAC.

The State Competition

Highlights of some State-Track competition rules:

Instrumentation: Strings and Winds all compete together (ie. violins, violas, & cellos are all in the same category. Likewise, flutes & clarinets compete against each other.)

Repertoire: Specific repertoire rules are in place. i.e. String musicians MUST perform a concerto as one of their pieces. Vocalists MUST perform 3 pieces, each in a different language.

Judging: Only students who meet the high standard expected for competition at the State level will receive first prize at the branch level. Judges may opt to not award a first place.

Fees: Fees are set by the State. Parents will pay directly on the State website

Complete information about the State Competition can be found on the State website www.mtac.org