Teacher members of the Music Teachers’ Association of California, Conejo Valley Branch and their students have access to the excellent educational and performance oriented programs offered by the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC) and the Southern California Junior Bach Festival (SCJBF).

The MTAC has developed ten different music education and performance oriented programs.  Notable programs include the 83-year-old Certificate of Merit (CM) examination, Composers Today, and VOCE.  The Certificate of Merit program is the MTAC’s longest running educational/performance program and currently serves approximately 30,000 participants each year. Sixty-three years old, Composers Today examines and critiques the compositions of students and teachers.  Finally, since 1970, VOCE – Voice, Orchestral Instruments, Chamber Ensembles – has given young vocalists and instrumentalists, performing solo and in ensembles, a forum for competitive and non-competitive evaluation.

For further information regarding CM, Composers Today, VOCE, and the Southern California Junior Bach Festival please click Learn More or visit www.mtac.org or www.scjbf.org  Also, visit the state MTAC website to learn about other programs offered by the MTAC.


The MTAC State VOCE program is a prestigious competition for vocalists, strings, winds/brass, and chamber ensembles. Finalists from the local branches throughout California compete to attend the final round in April. The winners from that round will go on to perform at the State Convention where they can receive cash prizes. The Conejo Valley MTAC runs a festival that incorporates the first round of the State competition alongside “Branch-Only” events.

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Certificate of Merit

Each year, Conejo Valley Branch music teachers and their students have the opportunity to participate in the Music Teachers’ Association of California Certificate of Merit® program (CM).  The CM program offers teachers and students a progressive, structured curriculum for music study.  The annual written theory test and performance evaluation provide the student and the teacher with an assessment of the student’s musical progress within the program.  For more details please visit our Certificate of Merit page.

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Bach/Baroque Festival

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750) takes center stage at the Conejo Valley  MTAC’s Junior Bach Festival.   At each festival recital, students of the Conejo Valley MTAC present the wide variety of musical genres Bach composed in for the keyboard.  Bach’s keyboard compendium ranges from music composed for his young son Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, to dance pieces found in the French Suites, English Suites, and Partitas, and culminates in the masterworks of the Well-Tempered Clavier, the Italian Concerto, the Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, and the Goldberg Variations.  For more information about the Junior Bach Festival, click Learn More.

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Composers Today

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